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Renowise Solar Tile: Makes Your Roof a Power Generator (Single- or Double-Glass)

This Renowise solar tile combines roof structure and clean power generation into one. Unlike traditional mono- or poly-crystalline panels, this solar tile looks pleasing and elegant on your rooftop. Backed by superior waterproof, fireproof and hail-proof gradings, and certified by reputable CE and UL authorities, it's a great option for futuristic solar homes or those who want to have their property upgraded.

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In some cases, traditional solar panels can hinder the sleek design of a house, this is one of the reasons why some homeowners choose not to install a PV system, especially those who have high-end designed houses. Moreover, racking installation can potentially cause leakage on your roof if your installation is not done correctly, and exposed wiring can get damaged and become a hazard.

To come up with a solution to this issue, Renowise has developed the solar roof tile. This solar product provides two requirements into one for your house: roof structure and electricity generation. By replacing the existing roof tiles of your home with Renowise solar tiles you will be able to generate solar power while at the same time providing structural support to your roof that looks beautiful and elegant.  This product comes up in two types of models that can be selected from Single-glass and double-glass roof tiles.

Installation Steps of the Renowise Solar Roof Tile

Renowise Solar Tile Description

Shape and applications

Both the single-glass and double-glass models have a triple-arch unique structure that resembles the shape of a terracotta concrete standard or lightweight tile. However, while the single-glass model is available only in black color, the double-glass can be found in both black and gray options.

As for applications, the single-glass model suits high-end commercial buildings with a polished look that intends to combine aesthetics, functionality and environmentally friendly materials. Meanwhile, the double-glass model is intended for small architecture and residential applications such as villas, houses and towns.

Solar efficiency and structure

In both models, each solar roof tile is made out of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells that provide a total power output of 30W, which have a solar efficiency of 18.7% (17.44% at solar tile level). These roof tiles are made out of three main layers, which constitute a backsheet, the CIGS solar cells and a toughened glass that provides a dynamic architectural look worthy of any high-end design house. The cables for PV cell wiring use MC4 connectors and are installed under the waterproof tape on the top end of the tile. These cables will not be visible at all.

Composition of the Renowise Solar Tile

Function ratings: Fire, hail, water and weight

Moreover, since the solar tile acts as the roof structure of your house, it is also important to mention that the loading grade that both single and double-glass tiles can withstand is 2,400Pa. The roof tile is also manufactured with an IP67 rating, meaning your roof will be fully protected and insulated against any dust particle as well as complete water immersion. In other words, your new roof will have a high-standard sealing performance that will be waterproof without ever affecting the solar cells.

Besides, if you live in a region where hail is a potential hazard for roofs and property, you will be glad to know that the Renowise solar roof tiles (both models) have a Class 4 rating which is the highest level of impact resistance available for roof materials. In summary, this means that a 2-inch steel ball dropped multiple times from a 20 feet height will not be able to damage your roof tile.

Meanwhile, your roof installed with single-glass roof tile will be protected with a B1 fire-proof grade rating which will make the roof tiles hardly flammable. Even more, if you choose to go with the double-glass model you will get an A fire-proof grade rating protection which means it will not be flammable at all, perfect for regions where forest fire is an important issue.


Both the single-glass and double-glass models have passed CE, Canadian, UL, TuV and China compulsory certifications.

Renowise Solar Tile Specs

Product ModelSingle-Glass (RNW-ST14-30S)Double-Glass (RNW-ST14-30D)
Physical Parameters
Length700 mm500 mm
Width500 mm718mm
Arc Height35 mm41 mm
ColorBlackBlack, Gray
Junction Box68 * 68 *19.7 (mm) IP6739 * 46 *16.6 (mm) IP67
Cable Type2.5 mm solar cable 450 (+10/-0) mm2.5mm solar cable 450 (+10/-0) mm
Cable ConnectorMC4MC4
Electrical Parameters
Short-Circuit Current4.45A4A
Open-Circuit Voltage10.16V10.6V
Current at MPP3.87A3.5A
Voltage at MPP7.79V8.6V
Function Grades
Loading Grade2,400 Pa2,400 Pa
Waterproof GradeIP67IP67
Fire-Proof GradeB1A
Hail-Proof GradeLevel 4 (ANSI FM 4473)Level 4 (ANSI FM 4473)
Working Temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
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