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Renowise Shingled Solar Panel: Higher Efficiency & Aesthetic Value (70W/110W/170W)

Unlike traditional panels, the Renowise shingled solar panel has a different structure and assembly process; it consists of strips of cells connected to one another. The result is higher efficiency, power output and aesthetic value, which can well compete with the latest solar roof shingle products in the market, but at an affordable price.

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As the solar industry continues to grow, new solar panel options show up in the market. One of the most promising ones is the development of shingled solar panels. Their main difference lies in the structure of the PV cells, instead of square shape cells as in traditional solar modules, shingled solar panels have solar cells cut into several strips subsequently connected to one another in order to assemble a module.

Shingled solar panels offer many advantages compared to traditional solar modules, which is why Renowise offers multiple options, based on this technology. Let’s find out what are their features and properties.

Renowise Shingled Solar Panel Description

Electrical Properties and Applications

Renowise shingled solar panels are based on monocrystalline solar cells and they are available in three different sizes: 70W, 110W and 170W. All three models are capable of reaching a cell efficiency of 21.4%, which is comparably high against many other options in the market. In addition, these models are rated for a maximum system voltage of 500V and are rated with a power output tolerance of +3%. These modules also have a high power performance under low light conditions.

This makes them suitable for applications such as residential houses, RVs, camping and other small-size applications. Even for marine applications such as solar ships, it is known that the operating cost of a solar-powered boat can be drastically reduced when compared to a diesel-powered boat.

High Load Resistance

On the other hand, mechanical resistance to failure caused by external factors is higher than conventional solar panels, meaning they can withstand heavier load weights. Actually, tested under the IEC 5,400Pa high load test, these Renowise shingled panels have no micro-cracks at all and no power attenuation caused by a heavy object. This also means this type of module is highly suited to endure long-distance transportation and installations with minimum chance of damage caused by micro-cracks on the module.


Moreover, Renowise shingled solar panels do not use ribbons or busbars that can be seen, allowing these solar panels to have a higher aesthetic value providing a total elegant black appearance.

Shading Performance

Furthermore, their performance against shading is far better than traditional solar panels, even when compared to half-cell modules. This is because shingled solar cells are wired in parallel, which means that when a section of the shingled solar panel is shaded, this will only affect the output of the shaded cell strip and not the entire module or a whole string of cells (as it is the case with traditional modules). All of this translates into much lower energy losses caused by shading.

Performance under snowy conditions

The winter season can imply a considerable reduction in power production from solar power plants due to the lower solar radiation and due to the obstruction caused by snow buildup stock at the bottom of the solar panels. Projects located in regions where snow accumulation is high can have a valuable power increase by choosing Renowise shingled solar panels.

Thanks to their parallel connection and strip technology, when placed on a portrait orientation, it only requires that one strip of solar cells on the top of the module melts down the snow and the shingled solar panel will be ready to start generating energy. Even if snow accumulates at the bottom of the module and does not meltdown, this will not keep the panel from producing.

On the other hand, with traditional solar module technology, if the module is placed in portrait position and is 75% free from snow, the solar panel will still not generate energy at all since the bypass diodes will disconnect all strings of solar cells affected by the shade.


Renowise shingled solar panels are certified by ETL, TUV SUD, INMETRO, CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

Renowise Shingled Panel Specs

Product ModelRNW-SSP4-70WRNW-SSP4-110WRNW-SSP4-170W
Electrical Parameters*
Nominal Power70W110W170W
Cell TypeMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Cell Efficiency21.40%21.40%21.40%
Maximum Power Current (Impp)3.74A4.91A7.54A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)18.7V22.4V22.55V
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)22.1V26.4V26.65V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc)4.25A5.33A8.05A
Maximum System Voltage500V
Output Tolerance+3%
Cable900mm / 1.5mm2900mm / 2.5mm2900mm / 2.5mm2
Connector TypePV Compatible
Module StructureAluminum Frame / Glass / EVA / Backsheet (White/Black)
Junction Box Rating>IP67
Number of DiodesOne
Working Temperature-40°C +80°C
Module Dimensions1,050*350*30 mm1,190*450*30 mm1,230*670*30 mm
Module Weight5.42kg6.3kg9.0kg
PackageSingle Package
Pieces per Pallet303030
Gross Weight per Pallet200kg225kg300kg
Pallet Dimensions1,200*1,100*510 mm1,200*1,100*610 mm1,240*1,100*830 mm
*Standard Test Conditions: AM = 1.5, Irradiance =1,000W/m2, Cell Temperature = 25°C
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