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Renowise MWT Flexible Crystalline Solar Panel (Higher Output & 12x More Flexible)

Renowise MWT flexible crystalline solar panel utilizes the advanced MWT technology and uses ultra-thin silicon wafers with a refined encapsulation, leading to higher power output and excellent flexibility. Ideal for applications on various curved and weirdly shaped surfaces.

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Regular rigid and flexible crystalline solar panels are usually shaded by up to 3% since one of the busbars is located on top of the cell. While 3% might not seem like much, it is an incredible amount of energy lost in the long term, which is why Renowise MWT flexible crystalline solar panels solve this by including MWT technology.

Metalization Wrap Through (MWT) technology, is based on eliminating the front-side busbar and locating both busbars at the back of the cell. By using this technology, Renowise MWT flexible crystalline solar panels can generate up to 3% more energy and they can even have better aesthetics.

On top of using more efficient technology, these panels are manufactured to be extremely flexible. While conventional homes are entirely fine by using regular rigid solar panels, homes with curved roofs, and owners of vehicles with curved surfaces looking to generate solar power can benefit by using flexible solar panels that can be adhered to practically any surface, disregarding its shape.

Product Description

Higher power output

Renowise MWT flexible crystalline solar panels are manufactured by using Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology. While regular panels implement busbars located on both sides of the solar cells which shades the cells by up to 3% from the solar radiation, MWT solar modules place both busbars on the rear side of the solar cells, increasing efficiency by up to 3%, and therefore the power output.

MWT vs. Conventional Assembling Technology

12 times more flexible than regular models

One feature where these Renowise MWT panels outstand is in their flexibility. While regular flexible solar panels can be bent by up to 30º, the Renowise MWT flexible panels are manufactured using ultra-thin silicon wafers with an organic polymer encapsulation, making them able to be bent up to 360º in total.

Ideal for many different applications

The increased flexibility of Renowise MWT flexible panels makes them a perfect suit for a wide range of applications requiring installation on top of curved and weirdly shaped surfaces. This means that the modules can be installed on curved roofs, foredecks of yachts, the roof or the hood of RVs and caravans, and many other places with these requirements.

Junction box featuring an IP68 standard rating

Protecting the inner electrical connections of the module is of extreme importance to keep the whole Photovoltaic (PV) system operating on top shape. To do this, Renowise MWT solar panels include an IP68 standard rating junction box, protecting the built-in diode of the module.

The IP68 rating of the Renowise panels protects this junction box against dust, sand, dirt, and even a water submersion of up to 1.5 m. This means that these panels are entirely protected against small particles in the air and completely waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor installations, desert applications, and even to be used on many types of ships.

Product Specs Table

Product ModelPmax
M-EFFCells Array (mm)Weight (kg)Dimensions
L x W x H (mm)
RNW-TFP14-MWT30W306.54.617.94.9515.50%12 (2 x 6) cells
162.75 x 81.375
0.48544 x 356 x 1.4
RNW-TFP14-MWT45W459.94.55124.7915.90%18 (3 x 6) cells
162.75 x 81.375
0.7544 x 520 x 1.4
RNW-TFP14-MWT95W9519.84.8223.875.0717.15%36 (12 x 3) cells
162.75 x 81.375
1.41,065 x 520 x 1.4
RNW-TFP14-MWT150W15029.35.1235.15.4517.20%54 (6 x 9) cells
162.75 x 81.375
2.2840 x 10.40 x 1.4
RNW-TFP14-MWT365W36534.910.4642.611.0219.10%126 (21 x 6) cells
166 half-cells
4.9/6.31,840 x 1,035 x 1.7/2.5
*Test condition: AM=1.5, Irradiation 1,000W/m2, Module Temperature 25°C
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