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Renowise EVO Solar Street Light (Foldable Panel / Extensive Adjustability)

This Renowise EVO solar street light has a smart design that enables the integrated solar panel to face optimum angle to convert maximum sunlight. Thanks to its foldable design, the gap/space between the panel and light fixture offers outstanding heat dissipation, prolonging the lifespan of electronic devices. A-Class mono panel and Type-A LiFePo4 battery are utilized in this light. It's a quality street light for your project.

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When evaluating most conventional solar street lights, the PV cells are generally located on the backside of the light, which means they can only harvest solar radiation from a single orientation. This could be an issue if the direction in which the solar panel would need to face is not optimum (such as facing north or shaded with some obstructions).

With the advanced technology of the Renowise EVO foldable solar street lights, each solar street light will now have two orientation options from which it can receive solar radiation thanks to its foldable design.

Renowise EVO solar street lights include a foldable system that allows installers to modify the inclination of solar panels to face them directly towards the sun. By using this technology, the modules installed on both sides of the street can face the same direction, taking full advantage of the solar radiation.

The Renowise solar street lights are practical, smart, and manufactured with the best quality components. These street lights can be remotely controlled, configured to operate in different modes, and they use the most up-to-date lighting and solar technology.

Renowise EVO Solar Street Light Description

Install street lights on both sides of the street with the same power generation

Combine Folded and Unfolded EVO Street Lights for Optimal Power Output

Regular solar street lights are designed with a fixed solar module. This means that when installing street lights on both sides of a street, only one of the modules may be facing directly towards the sun, while the other one will end up having a reduced power output. With the design of the Renowise EVO street Light, this problem is fixed by using a practical solution.

Renowise EVO street lights are designed so that the angle of the solar module can be adjusted, to face towards the optimal solar incidence angle. With this technology, solar street lights can be installed on both sides of the streets without worrying about poor performance due to the azimuth angle of the modules.

Wider surface with a better efficiency conversion

Regular solar street lights include modules ranging in width from 330 to 430 mm, with a 15-16% conversion efficiency. Renowise EVO foldable street lights include 550 mm wide modules with an efficiency of 21%. By including these wider modules with higher efficiency, these Renowise street lights can generate more energy during the day.

Optimal heat dissipation

Components of the Renowise EVO Solar Street Light

Heat is a recurring problem with solar street lights. Solar modules can reach a 90ºC temperature, increasing the temperature of the inner components (LED lights and battery) up to 70ºC and reducing the lifespan of these components.

By using foldable technology, the Renowise EVO light can physically separate the solar modules from the other components. This physical gap helps reduce the heat transferred to the LED and the battery while at the same time increasing the lifespan of the street light and providing air-circulating on the backside of the solar cells which reduces thermal losses.

Great compatibility

One great feature of the Renowise EVO foldable solar street lights is their compatibility with different pole diameters. While these foldable street lights are recommended to be installed with 76 mm poles, they can easily be installed in poles with ranging diameters going from 40 to 115 mm.

Installation Methods of the Renowise EVO Solar Street Light

Remotely controlled

The Renowise EVO street light features remote control technology, allowing owners to turn ON/OFF the equipment, modifying the intensity of the LED, and even switching between different operating modes for the light.

Four operating modes

The EVO street light includes four operating modes, these can be switched at any time using the remote control.

Operators can pick the standard mode which turns the light on for as long as the battery can last, varying the operating time regarding the intensity of the LED light. There is also a timer mode, defining for how long the solar street will be turned ON.

The main sensor mode turns on the light only when someone is walking by, in other words, has motion detection. After some minutes without movement, the solar street light turns back off again. The secondary mode using the sensor keeps a dim mode until someone walks by, switching to an intensity of 100% for some time until there is no movement.

Long-lasting quality battery

Type-A LiFePo4 Lithium Battery for Renowise EVO Street Light

To ensure the Renowise EVO solar street light is operating on a long-term period, each model is equipped with a quality Type-A LiFePo4 lithium battery. These batteries can last for as long as 2,000 cycles, delivering a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Since most of these solar street lights are installed in areas that could reach high temperatures, they are designed to remain stable and withstand hot weather.

EVO Solar Street Light Specs

Product ModelRNW-SSL27-40RNW-SSL27-64RNW-SSL27-100RNW-SSL27-120
Electrical Parameters
Solar Panel Power60 W80 W140 W160 W
Max LED Power40 W64 W100 W120 W
Battery Capacity18 Ah @ 12.8 V24 Ah @ 12.8 V39 Ah @ 12.8 V48 Ah @ 12.8 V
Physical Parameters
Lumens6,400 lm9,600 lm16,000 lm19,200 lm
Dimensions (L x W x H)650 x 550 x 63 mm950 x 550 x 63 mm1330 x 550 x 63 mm1610 x 550 x 63 mm
Mounting Height4 – 6 m6 – 8 m7 – 9 m9 - 12 m
Mounting Distance15 – 20 m20 – 25 m25 - 30 m30 – 35 m
General Parameters
Solar PanelA-Class, monocrystalline silicon, 21% efficiency, 25 years lifespan
LED ChipCREE from USA with high brightness, 50,000 hours lifespan
BatteryLiFePo4 lithium battery, 10-15 years lifespan
Viewing Angle80°*150°
Charge Time4-6 hours (in strong enough sunshine)
Back Up for Raining Days3-5 days
Working Temperature-20C° ~ +70C°
Color Temperature5,000K or 6,000K
Lamp MaterialAll die casting aluminum alloy
CertificateCE RoHS CB IECEE IP65 COC
Warranty Period3 years
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