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Renowise CIGS Thin-Film Solar Panel (Wider Light Absorption; ETFE Coating)

This Renowise thin-film solar panel uses CIGS cells which lead to more light absorption, generating more power. Its encapsulation adopts ETFE lamination combined with EVA coats and TPT back sheet, making this Renowise thin-film panel is very durable. Plus, its 1-mm thickness and inclusion of an adhesive layer broadly expand applications.

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Using thin-film solar panels for RVs, caravans, yachts, ships, and many other applications can be quite practical. However, regular thin-film solar technology might have a few downsides to it, like restricted flexibility, poor weather protection, and several others. By using CIGS technology with ETFE coating, Renowise flexible thin-film solar panels solve all these problems and become one of the best options available.

Renowise thin-film solar panels use cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing of the solar cells, known as Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) solar cells. These solar cells increase the generation efficiency of solar modules, by expanding the solar spectrum perceived by the cells. Aside from increasing the generation capacity, this technology allows for the creation of thinner solar panels.

On top of being able to have a higher power generation than regular flexible modules, Renowise CIGS thin-film solar panels have better resistance to hot temperature due to the CIGS technology. This makes them a better fit for applications in hot weather, especially for installations on recreational vehicles.

Product Description

Ideal for a wide variety of applications

Regular solar panels are not always the best option for every application, especially when looking to install the panels on a curved or shaped surface. To solve this, Renowise has designed one of the most adaptable, practical, and flexible thin-film solar panels.

Renowise CIGS thin-film panels are perfect to install on the roof or hood of an RV or caravan, the foredeck of a yacht or a ship, and even on buildings with curved shapes. Since these panels are flexible and easy to install, they perfectly adapt to any required shape, providing great performance as most regular solar panels would.

Absorption of a wider light spectrum

Renowise CIGS Panel: Wider Light Spectrum Absorption

Conventional solar panels are only able to absorb the visible light spectrum perceived from the sun, which restricts their efficiency. By using CIGS technology, Renowise thin-film panels can absorb a wider light spectrum, meaning that they could generate more power.

Featuring an extremely thin design

One of the best features of these Renowise panels is their extremely thin design. These solar modules are only 1 mm thick, making them extremely adaptable to most shapes, more flexible, and even providing the right aesthetics for any application, since they do not represent a visual obstruction on surfaces.

More durability and security with a cutting-edge manufacturing

An aspect where most thin-film solar panels usually lack is their durability or protection to external factors. To solve this inconvenience, Renowise covers their CIGS thin-film solar panels with an Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) lamination, a material making the solar panel entirely waterproof, resistant to fires, and even resistant to corrosion.

Aside from the ETFE lamination, the solar cells are entirely protected with a coat of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), covering the cells on both sides. To provide a more robust and durable solar panel, these modules are also backed with a Tedlar Polyester (TPT) back sheet, providing more durability and reliability.

Renowise CIGS Panel With Durable ETFE Coating

360º Flexibility

One of the best features of Renowise thin-film solar panels is their flexibility. With a smart, thin, and practical manufacturing process, these Renowise panels can be rolled up to 360º. With extreme flexibility, these panels become ideal for most applications disregarding how curved the area of the installation will be.

Easy installation with adhesive layer included

Last but not least, Renowise CIGS panels are also extremely easy to install due to the inclusion of an adhesive layer at the back of the modules. By including this layer, these Renowise panels can be adhered to any surface without requiring the usage of brackets or a racking system to hold the panel, nor penetration of the surface to attach the panels to it.

Product Specs Table

Product ModelRNW-TFP17-CIGS90WRNW-TFP17-CIGS150W
Electrical Parameters
Mechanical Parameters
Weight (kg)1.02.0
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)960 x 640 x 11,665 x 646 x 1
Manufacturing Parameters
Number of Cells40 (20 x 2)72 (36 x 2)
Power Tolerance3%3%
EncapsulationETFE Lamination + EVA + Cells + EVA + TPT
Junction BoxIP67 (Built-in bypass diode)
Solar Cell FeaturesEach cell includes a built-in bypass diode
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