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Renowise CdTe Transparent BIPV Solar Panel (Multi Levels of Transparency)

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is a trendsetting market. While genuine transparent solar glass hasn't been proceeded to mass production and only applied in a couple of small-scale demonstration projects, this Renowise CdTe transparent solar panel offers a feasible and economic means to replace traditional window glass and achieve BIPV. With transparency ranging from 80% to 10% and a wide selection of colors, it can be utilized in either residential or commercial projects.

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Office buildings and homes with high-end architectural designs are usually not suited for installing regular solar panels without disrupting the aesthetics of the building. With Renowise CdTe BIPV transparent panels, this is a problem of the past.

CdTe transparent panels are manufactured by using cutting-edge technology, allowing the modules to convert solar radiation into electricity while passing through a percentage of the visible light spectrum at the same time. As such, transparent solar panels have become the best choice for buildings and homes with roof lights, large windows, and several other aesthetic designs.

There are different models of transparent solar panels to pick from, varying their transparency percentage from 80% to 10%, suiting different types of applications. Renowise CdTe transparent solar panels are the best choice for generating renewable energy without disrupting the aesthetic design of a building or home.

Renowise CdTe Transparent Panel Description

Transparency and applications

Various Transparency of the Renowise Transparent Solar Panel

One of the main features of the Renowise CdTe transparent solar panels is their transparency, making them perfect for installations in homes and buildings with high-end designs. To couple the perfect model with each application, one must consider the right transparency. Transparent panels come with transparency going from 80% to 10%.

The more opaque modules range their transparency between 10% and 40%, being excellent for office buildings looking to generate solar power while keeping the dark-shaded design of the glass building. Modules with transparencies going from 50% to 80% are better suited for homes with rooms featuring large windows, and buildings with skylights, allowing the home to keep the aesthetics while generating solar power.


Different Color Options of the Renowise CdTe Transparent Panel

One interesting feature of Renowise's transparent solar panels is the different colors available for the modules. These modules are eligible in six different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and the natural modules look like a regular window.

Power rating

The nominal power of each transparent solar panel varies depending on the transparency of the module. The most translucent solar panel with an 80% transparency can generate up to 15W, while the most opaque module with a 10% transparency generates 69W.


The best solar panels in the market offer longer warranties, and this is exactly the case for Renowise transparent panels. Each transparent solar panel is backed by a 25-year warranty, the liability covers a certified 90% nominal power output for the first 10 years and an output of 80% for 25 years. Additionally, Renowise transparent modules are covered with a 10-year warranty for materials and workmanship.

Recycling of the modules

Recycling technology after its life cycle ends is very important for the environment. The Renowise CdTe transparent panels are covered with a Collection & Recycling program. This means that after the end-of-life for each module, the company will collect the transparent panels free-of-charge from the owner, for them to be recycled.

Product Specs Table

Product modelRNW-TP27-T80-15RNW-TP27-T70-23RNW-TP27-T60-30RNW-TP27-T55-34RNW-TP27-T50-38RNW-TP27-T45-42RNW-TP27-T40-46RNW-TP27-T30-52RNW-TP27-T20-61RNW-TP27-T10-69
Electrical Parameters
Nominal Power (Pm)/W15233034384246526169
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)/V111.0114.0114.0114.0114.0114.0114.0114.0114.0114.0
Short Circuit Current (Isc)/A0.230.310.410.460.510.560.610.720.820.92
Voltage at Max Power (Vm)/V85.587.887.887.887.887.887.887.887.887.8
Current at Max Power (Im)/A0.180.260.340.390.430.480.520.590.700.79
System Parameters
Maximum Fuse Rating (Series Connection) (ICF)
Maximum System Voltage (VSYS)/V1,000
Mechanical Parameters
Length1,200 mm (-1~+3 mm)
Width600 mm (-1~+3 mm)
Thickness7 mm (±0.2mm)
Area0.72 m2
Weight12 kg
Lead Cable2.5 mm2 580 mm
Bypass Diode6A
Solar GlassCadmium Telluride (CdTe)
Back Glass3.2 mm Annealed Glass
Encapsulation3.2 mm Annealed Glass
Temperature Parameters
Temperature Coefficients of Iscα=0.060%/ºC
Temperature Coefficients of Vocβ=0.321%/ºC
Temperature Coefficients of Pmγ=-0.214%/ºC
Operating Temperature Range-40ºC to +85ºC
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