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Steven Kwok

Steven Kwok

  • Off-Grid Solar
  • Solar Panel Technology
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Street Lights
  • PVsyst

With nearly a decade of experience in the solar industry, Steven Kwok has established a reputation as a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for solar energy solutions.

His expertise spans project management and technical consultation, enabling clients to achieve optimal performance and maximize return on investment.

When not working on solar projects, he engages in community outreach and education to promote environmental responsibility. His insights have been featured in Solar Magazine, Energy Central and other outlets.

All-Black Sleek Solar Panels

IBC Solar Panel Explained + Strengths and vs. Other Techs

Unlock the power of IBC solar panels, featuring high efficiency & sleek designs. Compare them to PERC and shingled panels, find the best fit.
PERC Solar Panel In-Depth Guide

PERC Solar Panel:  Strengths, How It Works, vs. Other Panel Techs

Uncover the details about PERC solar panels, including the balance between higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Learn how they compare to other panel techs.
Silicon Ball-Based Transparent Solar Module

How ‘Silicon Ball’ Contributes to BIPV: Solar Facades & Windows

How does 'silicon ball' revolutionize BIPV? Learn about this approach to solarify facades & windows and its potential for widespread adoption.
Install Solar Panel Array on Rooftop

'Mismatch' in Solar Power Systems: Ways to Mitigate Its Impacts

Get insights into 'mismatch' in solar power systems, and study mitigation strategies and learn panel types that have fewer mismatch issues.
CdTe vs. Crystalline Silicon Panels

CdTe vs. Crystalline Silicon Panels: Benefits & Applications

Compare CdTe and c-Si solar panels: composition, structure, benefits, and applications. Make informed decisions for your solar project.
CdTe Solar Energy Facade by Antec Solar

Top CdTe Solar Panel Manufacturers: Products & Strengths

Discover the top CdTe solar panel manufacturers, their products and strengths. Learn about how they're driving innovation in the industry.
Wire Management for CIGS Thin-Film Solar Panels on Rooftop

CdTe vs. CIGS Solar Panels: Differences, Performance & Applications

Get insights into CdTe and CIGS solar panel technologies, including their pros and cons, efficiency, and cost. Find out which one suits your needs best.
Inspecting Hotspots On Solar Panels Using Thermal Imaging Camera

Hotspot Effect: Causes, Ways to Mitigate & Panels with Less Impacts

Maximize panel efficiency, output & lifespan: learn about hotspot effect, its impacts & mitigation strategies. Expert insights for solar pros.
Should I Install Standalone or Centrally-Powered Solar Street Lights?

Should I Install Standalone or Centrally-Powered Solar Street Lights?

Struggling with solar street light decisions? This guide helps! Evaluate standalone vs. centrally-powered solar street light options today.
What Is Panel Temperature Coefficient? Ways to Reduce Its Impact

What Is Panel Temperature Coefficient? Ways to Reduce Its Impact

Discover how temperature coefficient affects solar panel performance and learn effective strategies to minimize its impact for optimal efficiency.
Renowise Shingled All-Black Solar Panel
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