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Any tips and tricks for keeping solar-powered Christmas lights from being damaged by the elements?

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Gerald Holland
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Hi all!

The Christmas is just around the corner! The solar-powered string lights I used for Christmas decor last year lasted for just one holiday season. I don't know didn't rain and snow last holiday in my country and I bought them from The Home Depot.

String lights are essential for my holiday decor. I plan to purchase some new lights this year but am still afraid that they would break down shortly.

I really hope to learn from you guys on how to better protect these lights from damage??

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Cynthia Lo
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This is very weird since it didn't snow or rain in your region last year. After you get your solar light, the first thing should do is check for any signs of wear and tear, exposed wires, or broken connections.

If it snowed this year, always remember to remove the snow on the panel timely -- not just because it would impact power generation but also may damage the panel, especially when it's of lower quality.

Finally, always store the lights in a cool, dry place when they're not in use.

Hope these help. 😊 

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