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Solar Street Lights

Being more efficient, intelligent and renewable-powered is the core trend of progress in modern street lighting. Solar-powered street lights are a trending example of integration between solar energy and infrastructure. The three major components are the solar panel, LED lamp, and built-in battery-based storage. Some advanced products, e.g. all-in-one solar street lights, even have upgraded smart charge controllers, motion sensors, and remote controllers. Additionally, various lighting lumens, a range of power outputs (from 20W to more than 200W), and flexible designs can fulfill all kinds of needs. Plus, the high-level heat-, water-, and corrosion-resistance of the photovoltaic, lighting, and battery modules enhances the reliability and resilience of the transportation system, especially during extreme weather conditions. Thus, it’s no surprise that the latest market reports are showing that solar street lights have become the solution of choice in new and renovated street lighting projects in both developed and developing communities around the world.

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