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What Are Luminous Efficacy and Luminous Efficiency?

What Are Luminous Efficacy & Efficiency? (Detailed Answers + Advice)

What are luminous efficacy and efficiency? What's the difference? And what are the efficacies of incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs? Find out in this guide.
Light Measurement Units: Lumen, Candela and Lux

What's the Difference Between Lumen, Candela and Lux?

What's the difference between the common light measurement units lumen, candela and lux? What factors can affect the actual values? Find out!
A Primer to Introduce the Top 5 Advantages of Solar Energy

What Are the Top 5 Advantages of Solar Energy?

This primer explains the TOP 5 advantages of solar energy, with a detailed guide on solar's versatile adaptability—that enables instant access to everybody!
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